Thursday, November 01, 2007

Today's Dose of Wisdom

From Vaclav Havel:

"The way forward is not in the mere construction of universal systematic solutions, to be applied to reality from the outside; it is also in seeking to get to the heart of reality through personal experience."

"In a word, human uniqueness, human action and the human spirit must be rehabilitated."

"Soul, individual spirituality, first-hand personal insight into things; the courage to be [oneself] and go the way [one's] conscience points, humility in the face of the mysterious order of Being, confidence in its natural direction, and, above all, trust in [one's] own subjectivity as [one's] principle link with the subjectivity of the world —these are the qualities that politicians of the future should cultivate."

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Anonymous said...

Does that describe Dennis Kucinich or Mitt Romney. Or more to the point Kucinich and Romney.

Are you saying the personal is political? Is marriage a democrat or a republican or transgender?

Note word a stuttering declaration of faith...or a Hong Kong businessman