Tuesday, February 19, 2008

El Anatsui

This Ghanain artist lives in Nigeria. I saw a piece he made of "detritus," bottle caps and pieces of tin cans, a huge flowing metal curtain covering a wall and flowing onto the floor at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. It was monumental and elegantly beautiful, regal, absolutely beautiful. Simply amazing and amazingly complex. Here are some El Anatsui links, if you're interested, but none of these little photos begins to do this work justice. It seems to be too large and richly refective to be captured by photography.
Jack Shainman Gallery
El Anatsui's website
and a nice description from a blog here

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susanna said...

Thank you for linking my post to yours. :) El Anatsui's artwork is gorgeous, isn't it? It just amazes me the time it must have taken the artist to create such large beautiful "canvases" as these. My friend Karen saw his work in Venice - they were draped over a building. She said that the sight was beautiful, as they were lit by the sun and moving in the wind. I can only imagine... :)