Friday, March 21, 2008


This is your vocabulary word for the day: escutcheon.


Anonymous said...

THANKS for the new word! Who knew! What fun to read the many definitions with their not-so-subtle connections!

Anonymous said...

Pretty high-falutin talk for an intolerant, violent, and anti-intellectual American.

Also, I would like to point to your blog of March 14...something about the end of winter buzz.

I think I speak for the millions of us who read your blog daily but are so very important and busy and don't have time to respond (and sometime are so much in awe of your work, we don't know what to say) THAT...THIS SNOW IS YOUR FAULT. This is an "in the bag" blog moment.
Climate change happens.


upstairs guy

shearn said...

Yes, it's true, we seem to be having a major snow storm here in the Chicago area. I will not take the blame, but I will take responsibility. No, actually I won't take the responsibility because that makes it sound like I'm volunteering to shovel the snow. How about a snow-inspired sketch?

Anonymous said...

(S)no(w) inspired sketch: how about a framed white screen showing zero visibility during (Spring!) blizzard conditions, PS having shoveled and left a TOTALLY cleared area.