Sunday, March 07, 2010

my 10 seconds

Okay I just saw my painting on the "Shut Up Already...I'll Look at Your Art" blog:

What is the purpose of "Shut Up Already I'll Look at Your Art"? Put simply, to reach out to as many artists worldwide via new media to give them the opportunity to have an image of their work viewed in Chelsea by a professional Art Dealer [Edward Winkleman, Winkleman Galley N.Y. – I read his blog] no strings attached, and have that viewing witnessed and documented.

But now that I got my 10 seconds, I'm thinking wasn't that supposed to be my 15 minutes?

You can see the image by watching the little slide show on the SUI ILAYA blog or you could just look at it here: (I keep changing the title. The latest is "Night Gallery."). Actually 10 seconds is longer than most people spend looking at a piece in an exhibit. I don't want to sound ungrateful...

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