Monday, July 26, 2010

Cynthia King

Made a small shrine to remember my friend Cynthia King, painter and printmaker, who passed away last fall on her way into the Evanston, IL Art Center's print studio on Noyes Street. Cynthia was 56 when she died from heart disease and diabetes, both of which had gone undiagnosed until one week before her death because she didn't have health insurance, so she didn't go to the doctor...
Cynthia had studied English at the University of Chicago and worked in computer programming; she was bright, passionate about politics, eccentric and a little wacky. I mean that in the nicest way. She gave generously of herself to the print center, teaching others for free and providing supervision for open studio hours for the rest of us.

This little shrine is about 7" tall and 5" across the front, made from a cigar box, with small reproductions of her artwork and a letterpress print of a poem she wrote and typeset.

I miss her.


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Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Cynthia's. I used to work with her at CRT (Chicago Research and Trading). Several of us have been searching for information about Cynthia. Can you please contact me? I can be reached at patw1053 at