Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art in Vermont

It seemed like every other person I met while visiting Vermont recently introduced themselves as an artist, or an artist and a writer... and I happened upon some wonderful art while wandering around only half looking. This sign on Route 100 in Waitsfield, Vermont made me turn the car around and go back to investigate:
And as I looked around at the sculpture surrounded this garage/studio/residence, the door opened and the artist, John Matusz, emerged in full bicycle-riding regalia... I asked permission to take photos and post them on my blog. The artist claimed to be completely computer illiterate and said he didn't even know what a blog was except that "it's something you young people do." sigh.

Matusz said he has been living and working in Vermont since 1971; a quick web search produced a couple reviews of Matusz shows in Vermont, including this 2007 quote from the Mad River Reporter:

As art critic Ric Kasini Kadour stated in his essay on Matusz's work, "They are sensual and mighty, simple and glorious."

You can read the entire article here. Matusz had a show of his charcoal/pastel nudes in Burlington, Vermont in 2008; to see an image and read a review, click here.

I loved the way Matusz had appropriated found (rescued maybe?) materials, either incorporating them into a larger work or in this case, just giving the thing (sorry I don't have the titles for these) legs and a base. The piece below seems to have come complete with a mouth a nose and a bunch of eyes... 

Matusz is also co-founder of a sculpture park and gallery in Stowe, Vermont: The West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Park, which is going on my list for a visit next time I go to Vermont.

Coelancath, Welded Steel and Granite, 8’6” H
This one makes me think of Brancusi's bird sculptures, gone industrial.
That's Matusz on the bike in the background...
All images ©John Matusz. Used by permission of the artist. Don't use them for anything or I will get into trouble. Thanks. For not getting me in trouble.

Contact Matusz:
Blacknewt Sculpture Studio
Route 100, Main Street
P.O. Box 708
Phone: (802) 496-5843


Anonymous said...

Those are great. I like the nose sex one the best.

Anonymous said...

John is a wonderful and so intense sculptor, painter and drawer. So self motivated and creative throughout the 35 yrs I have known him. Love him and his work.

Anonymous said...

How about a photo of the artist too?

Art O.T. Grid said...

When I intruded on John that day he was headed out for a bike ride, and I didn't want to delay him any more than I already had by trying to explain what a blog was and asking if it was okay for me to take photos. A Google search turned up no photos of him either. Anyone out there has one, please send it and I'll add it to the post!