Thursday, June 05, 2014

The magical BLOG TOUR is coming to take you away...

Painter/calligrapher/educator Judith Joseph (see her extraordinary ketubahs – or ketubot, if you prefer – traditional illuminated Jewish marriage documents here) invited me to make Art Off The Grid a stop in an artists' Blog Tour.  The blog tour has been going on for some time and it works like this: I answer a few questions and then introduce the next two stops on the blog tour, which in this case are two super-cool artists you will be GRATEFUL I introduced you to. So be sure to read to the end to get those links. (I know a few of you will just skip to the end to pick up those links, and I forgive you in advance.)

"See" 16"x20" acrylic on cradled board
What am I working on?  The working title for the series I'm doing now is "Hidden Text" paintings. Text, handwriting, calligraphy, asemic (abstract) writing and letterforms of all kinds have interested me, always. Writing (as in the verb) has always been a comfortable way for me to express myself and I tend to write paintings as much as paint them. There is literally a hidden text in each of these paintings; some are easier to read than others, but the titles tell all.

 How does my work differ from others of its genre?  By applying very thick layers of paint so all the layers and colors are present in the image, I am pushing the boundry between painting and sculpture.  There is more "thing-ness" to these paintings than to a conventional flat image on canvas.

enlargement of a painting detail
Why do I create what I do? Making art is the way I have learned to make a little money and process this complicated experience of  life as a human being.  
How does your creative process work? Now that I have dedicated studio space outside my home, my process is very simple. Painting is my work: I go to the studio every day Monday through Friday and work on whatever paintings I have going at the time. I always have a plan, what I hope to accomplish that day and what comes next.
Here are the exciting next stops on the blog tour:
PAMELA STAKER is a truly wonderful abstract painter who has a live/work space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. She describes herself as an artist "in love with color, shape and gestural mark making." In addition to having had numerous solo shows and her work is in many private collections, Pamela lives with a beloved menagerie of rescue cats and dogs. She blogs about her work and exhibits here.

ADAM TETZLOFF is a photographer based in New York City who embues his street photography with his wit, humor and intelligent graphic sensibility. He does sensitive, spontaneous photographic portraits and also shoots art openings and other interesting cultural phenomena. He lives in Brooklyn and happens to be my son-in-law. His photo blog can be found here.

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