Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's all about the Payne's Grey

I wanted to challenge myself, to see if by limiting my palette to one color, namely Payne's Gray* I could shift the emphasis from the chroma, or color, to the texture of the paint itself (which I have thickened up with various acrylic pastes and gels). I did cheat a little with some Titanium White, but everybody knows Titanium White is a slutty pigment that will jump onto the palette with almost anyone...

THIS, 36x36" acrylic on canvas

*Originally a mixture of iron blue (Prussian blue), yellow ochre and crimson lake,[3] Payne's grey now is often a mixture of blue (ultramarine or phthalocyanine) and black [4] or of ultramarine and SiennaThe colour is named after William Payne, who painted watercolours in the late 18th century.
from Wikipedia, of course:

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